How a Child Support Attorney Can Assist with Interstate Cases

Child support is one of the most significant issues that arise when parents divorce or separate. In Florida, as in the majority of states, the law mandates that both parents contribute financially to the support of their offspring. Nevertheless, the court may encounter difficulty in determining an appropriate amount of support, particularly in cases where the spouses are unable to reach a consensus on a dollar amount. An Orlando fathers rights attorney can assist in the process and guarantee that the court determines the appropriate child support amount.

The most effective method of ensuring that your family is financially secure is to seek the help of a seasoned and knowledgeable Orlando child support counsel. A competent child support attorney can offer legal advice on the establishment of a child support obligation, examine financial affidavits, and strive to secure a fair and reasonable child support order that will enable the paying parent to cover their share of the children’s expenses.

The obligation to pay child support typically persists until the child reaches the age of eighteen. Nevertheless, the court has the authority to determine whether the child support obligation should be extended beyond this date in the event of specific circumstances. The extension of the child support agreement can be facilitated by an Orlando fathers rights attorney, who will ensure that the court is presented with all pertinent information.

Florida’s child support statute establishes a formula for calculating the child support amount. This formula is based on income shares, which essentially mandate that each party receive the same percentage share of their parents’ combined aggregate annual income for the child’s care. The Panella Law Firm can guarantee that all of the aforementioned factors are considered when calculating child support.

We can assist you in the pursuit of a civil contempt proceeding if you are dealing with a parent who is not paying their child support. Our organization is cognizant of the strategies that these parents may implement to circumvent their financial obligations, and we will remain by your side until you receive the funds that are due to you.

Contact the Panella Law Firm to arrange a consultation when you require an Orlando child support attorney. We will address your inquiries and attend to your apprehensions regarding your circumstances. We will assist you in navigating the legal process and will exert ourselves to achieve a child support arrangement that is both equitable and reasonable, with a particular emphasis on the welfare of your children. To initiate the process, please reach out to us today. Your initial consultation is entirely complimentary. We are available to communicate with you either in person or over the phone. We provide appointment times that are flexible to facilitate your busy schedule and accept credit cards. Based in Orlando, we represent clients throughout the state of Florida. We anticipate your response. You may also submit a query to our attorneys by selecting the “Ask A Question” button located below. An email can also be sent by utilizing the contact form located on this page.

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